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This month is auspicious. Guess why?? 

Birth star of our guruji Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar disciple of Poojya Shree Shree Amma is falling on 16th of May. 


  Poojya Shree Shree Amma and her disciple Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar


We Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar's young sishyaas are  celebrating His birthstar by dedicating this slokam to HIM.

Twameva Mata Cha Pita Twameva,

Twameva Bandhu Sakha Twameva,

Twameva Vidya Sarvinam Twameva,

Twameva Sarvam Mum Dev Deva.

Our guru as Mother

Without mother the growth of infant would not be proper the same way our growth is incomplete without our Guruji. Mother takes care of her child in all aspects and she always desires for the welfare of the child the same way our Guruji nourishes our soul and mind. generally if we have problem, until and unless we say it to our mother she doesnít understand but our Guruji solves our difficulties even without we uttering it. As a mother gives birth to a child the same way a sathguru gives new life to the soul which was dormant in the materialistic world. The love that a sathguru has for his sishya is many a time more than what a mother has for a child.





Our guru as Father

A father is the childís first idol. The child looks up to him, respects him and tries to imitate him at every step of his daily life.  Unlike the mother, father doesnít let the child know much about him but still makes his presence felt to the child by tending to its needs. Just as the father encourages the child and boosts him or her to come up and shine in his or her life, our sathguru wishes for our best by constantly showering His grace upon us. This very grace enables even the meanest to excel in each and every part of our life. Be it education, work or any other field the presence of our Guruji is strongly felt and experienced by us.


Our guru as Relative

Generally a relative is perceived to be one who shows concern on us. Do they really care for us? But our Guruji is really concerned about us. Just like a relative, our Guruji is with us at our good as well as bad times. Itís a hard-core fact that the love, which the relative show, is artificial. The love between a Guru and sishya is true and eternal one. Relatives have a blood relation with us, which is restricted only till we are alive however Guru-sishya are aathmabandhu (the one related to soul).  For us our Guruji is the closest relative!



Our guru as Friend

Freindship is a unique relation as a friend shares a special bond. Things we canít say to our parents we can easily share with our friends similarly a guru and shishya shares a special relationship. A guru comes down to the level of shishya and behaves like a friend. Without any hesitation we can share our problems with our guru. Our guruji understands us in a better way than our friends do.  He gives us advice, consoles us and stops us when we go wrong as a friend does. Often it is seen that a friend betrays the other and even in the relationship there exist selfishness. But a Guru acts in a selfless manner and never it has been established that a sathguru has betrayed a shishya. Friendship is considered as a give and take relation but in case of Guru-shishya a Guru always pours his grace and the shishyas canít do anything in return.So we say our best friend is our Guruji.


Our guru as Knowledge

We human beings always have a thirst to know about new things. But mere knowledge cannot give happiness. When you are entangled in an odd situation you need to know that God is there to save me and will never let me down. This knowledge is imparted only by a sathguru. So we refer our guruji as knowledge. A light of knowledge can lit thousands of lamp same way our guruji has lit our soul which was ignorant in darkness. Generally it is observed that materialistic knowledge becomes outdated with new things being invented but a knowledge that a guru imparts is an eternal one and will come with us for all janmas(births). Guru gives us the supreme knowledge that we are the children of Lord Krishna and the goal of our life should be to attain him. One who knows God, knows everything this is the knowledge a guru gives to shishya. So for us our guruji is knowledge.




Our guru as Wealth

What is wealth? A means by which you can satisfy all your needs. Same way our guru is a wealth for us. Our strength. Wealth may seem to have a disadvantage i.e. it reduces each time you use. But guruís grace is a wealth that cannot diminish. Wealth can buy only worldly things as it is said money can buy bed but not sleep. Guruís grace is a wealth that can give you peace of mind and happiness which money canít buy. When you are in a desert yearning for a drop of water your wealth cannot bring it but a Guru can bring a downpour even in a desert. Value of wealth can be measured in terms of dollars or pounds but Guru is invaluable. People often flaunt about their wealth, our Guru is such a wealth, which would give inferior complex to others. So why run behind materialistic wealth?

Guruji for us you are everything. Our life is so beautiful just by  your grace. You transcend all the comparisons we have mentioned above. So for us you are no less than God!!!

Dearest Guruji this is a small way to express our love for you. We know that this is nothing in comparison to your grace on us. We all feel very proud and blessed to be your sishyaas.  



Feelings and Dedications Of Young Sishyaas

My Guruji is like an armour who protects guides and takes care of me. He is unique,the best and the greatest. All the adjectives fall short to describe the greatness of my Guruji.

Anuja(20 yrs)


The only light which shows me the path to enjoy the eternal happiness in my life is my Guruji.

Anusha(19 yrs)

My life was a desert and my Guruji came as a river and enriched me!

Archana(26 yrs)


My guruji who is the antaryami had always helped me to come out from darkness and showered His grace on me I can never forget my Guruji who is the torch bearer of my life.

Charanya (17 yrs)

Chanting brings happiness which money cannot buy, Guruji be my side to remove my pride ,Guruji is like God to me.

Gayatri(18 yrs)


Our mind is like a garden which can be cultivated but for me without my Guruji my mind would have run wild. 

Gayatri(20 yrs)

Day is lightened only by sun, Night is lightened only by moon, but my soul is lightened only by my Guruji.

Janani(19 yrs)



I was tied by a chain called depression. My life was filled with anxiety and tension. My Guruji came as a key and broke the shackles, set me free.

Karthik(21 yrs)


Without my Guruji my life would be a lake with no outlet. He is much awaited guide who has instilled a meaning in my dry life. I bow down to my Guruji for all He has done and for all the support He has given to me.

Kulasekaran(19 yrs)


For me Guruji is a light. My previous sins have vanished due to his sight. For me he is not only a Preacher but a friend, guide and teacher. For all my queries he has a solution I look upon him as an incarnation.

Praveer (20 yrs)


My Guruji is not a stone found everywhere, But a Gem found very very rare.


 Ramya(17 yrs)


I begged for happiness but in vain, then realised only under my Guru's shadow I could gain.

Revathy (20 yrs)



People say there are seven wonders of world but I know only one that is my Guruji.

Shweta(19 yrs)


Only my Guruji can give the precious gift for the soul.  My Guruji has opened my eyes of darkness to light i.e. ignorance to knowledge.

 Swati(15 yrs)


Life is a tough game to play so you need clues to go all the way, Guru always come to rescue He shows us the path and you need no clues.

What He has is magic, my case was totally tragic, to solve life is a tough equation but Guru in life is a simple solution.

Tarun(21 yrs)


The greatness, mercy and power of my Guruji cannot be described in mere ordinary words. According to me the only great supreme power is my Guruji and those who attain and surrender HIM are the most fortunate ones. The only aathmabandhu of mine who is everything for me.

Uma(21 yrs)